about Rino De Masi

Rino De Masi is a versed singer/Songwriter who couples charm with his sour - refreshing performance.

His voice , full of feeling and rough round edges , is instrumental to pumping pure emotion into his own songs as well into cover versions regardless if rock tunes or wonderful and beautiful ballads.

Rino De Masi will enthuse you with his signature way of finely tuned musicianship.

His music comes straight from the heart and is full of passion - a reflection of his italian Temperament.

He is a master of his trade and he knows how to Play all elements of musical entertainment. 

Rino De Masi founded his bands more than 20 years ago and he performs in different formations from a solo or duo band up to a seven Piece Gala band.

Since they started numerous successful CD´s have been published .

The "Musical Poet of the Dolce Vita" with his "Circus of Emotions" will be a rather lucrative chance to stimulate your senses.

biography :  

The poet of dolce vita as he calls himself comes out of  a family  , which has been since many generations musicians ,his father a musician and appassionate singer songwriter , his uncle Francesco ,he composed 30 Soundtracks of great cinema films and learned under Ennio Morricone himself  .

The aunt  , Antonia De Masi Calamo , who writes storys and poets in the dialectlanguage of Apulia , deep in the South of Italy   , she wrote some of that really fantastic lyrics of the album "ascolta questa musica" which means listen to that music .